Cool Blue in Heat Wave

This past week we had days that were getting us feeling like it was actually June and guess what we all hated it! Funny how that works. You want to sunshine in June but the minute that happens and its not raining anymore you complain.

I found it easy to find outfits during this weather because I have been surprisingly into wearing my dresses and skirts (I used to hate wearing anything but high rise shorts and boots haha!) That and the air just flows so much better and you don’t feel as sticky as you would in jean material.

I am wearing a crop top I got from H&M a couple years ago and this wrap skirt, which is actually double sided and you can even wear it as a dress or top depending how you wrap it! It is the coolest piece of clothing I own and I have had it for many years now and each year I wear it more and more. My sister and I picked it up at a store in Georgia when we were on vacation in maybe 2008??? I dont remember. ANYWAY point is my mom only bought one so we had to share it…obviously I got to keep it hahahaha!!

Being only slightly dramatic but my hair was ALL OVER the place from the humidity it was crazy 80’s hair, which I have always been blessed with it just comes out more when I either brush it or the heat gets to it.


Side note: ootd posts might start to get scarce as I want to start blogging about other things as well.



shoshanna elizabeth


Stripes on Floral…..Again!!

So my go to look this spring must just be floral patterns paired with stripes, because not only do I have several already documented on here, there have been other outfits not documented.

This awesome, almost school teacher vibe maxi skirt is from a local antique shop. It is slightly too big for me and I have yet taken the time to take the waist line in. It has two shallow pockets and a slit up the back for a more movement. I dont know why it called my name but I decided to make it mine. I may decided at some point to make it shorter.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Here I pinned it in to make it fit more of my waist other wise it would be sitting on my hips in order to fit me without pinning it in.

The knitted crop top is from Romwe, a couple years old, also I never know which is the actual front because it is uniform on both sides. This happens to be one of my favorite tops, and the mustard yellow color seems to change in the lighting making it extra ugly and perfect!

Processed with VSCO with  preset
Processed with VSCO with preset

The little sweater is from Forever21 from about a year ago, also a button down crop top but I tend to wear it as a light sweater.

I am also wearing my yellow platform oxfords from H&M, which I changed the laces out and are actually about 5 -6 years old.

Processed with VSCO with  preset
Processed with VSCO with preset

My jewelry I made myself, super easy to make chokers and necklaces like these, maybe a future blog post? I got the materials from craft store heaven, Michael’s!! If you dont have one near you I pity you but if you have some sort of fantastic craft supply store that is equally as perfect!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I wore this weeks ago, with moving and everything in boxes and bags I dont have much access to my clothes and have been just wearing tshirts and jeans, keeping it simple. Hope to be able to have newer content and maybe even new clothes to haul within the next month!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little ootd, vintage find and floral on stripes look!!

Vintage can be so much fun if you style it right, or even know how to change the appearance and make alterations!! All in the name of style and fashion!


Shoshanna Elizabeth

Wanting It All

Browsing through all the new collections at H&M the other day I saw so many 90’s inspired comebacks, which I loved because I resonate with that style, not that I ever dressed that way in the 90’s because I was a baby, but because I just love the materials that were used. Lace, velvet, satin, and jean. Jean skirts are making a come back and I have always hated them but this display (one in featured image) makes me want that specific jean skirt.  It would pair perfectly with the top featured next to it, which is why I think they put them next to each other. I would never actually buy it, but it is appealing enough. Most displays work well because they pair things with the same generalized theme next to each other, or clothes that were designed to be an outfit such as this shirt and skirt.

I took a lot of inspiration from the new lines, something to get my brain going with my own designs, to see what my demographic is into at the moment.


I also love this display because feminism-equality is such a huge deal, focus point and topic of a lot of conversations over this past year with the Presidential election too. Also because equality, lgbtq, trans and everything else you could label or not label yourself as, is just as important and huge with the world.  A femme is a “lesbian whose appearance and behavior are seen as traditionally feminine.” This is the focal point, it stands out so well on this wall of reds, pinks and floral, which are all very feminine prints.

Another part of this display is this shirt.



It is another great statement shirt, and has this touch of red as well. I actually would love to own this shirt. It is so true. The past is the past, don’t look back, don’t overthink about it, move on and forward. I know this is hard to do, believe me I know and sometimes it will take you longer to move on than in other situations, but it is important to not let it control you.

I think all these aspects work together in one display because one, the color connection is all there, all reds, pinks and white making it pleasing to look at. Two because of the two bold statement shirts, these are the only t-shirts that are facing outwards to see what is printed on the front.  Also you could say that you shouldn’t look back to a time when equality was so poor in history and start looking forward to fight for equality for all.


Shoshanna Elizabeth

Appreciation Post

I just wanted to take the time and thank everyone that does comment, like, follow, read and visit my blog. Having a fashion blog has always been something I wanted to do, I was just always afraid to take the leap and felt like I wouldn’t do very well. I may not have millions of followers or people that read and like what I wrote but you who have are being extremely supportive, and have nothing but good things to say about my pieces. I appreciate everone of you!!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and read even a fraction of my posts, it means a lot and makes me feel like I should keep going no matter what. A lot of you are in the US which is amazing and there are a select few that are in the UK, India, the Netherlands, Italy and to me that is just crazy!! I cannot believe that there are people in other countries reading or visiting my page!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I find that a lot of you have been more into my blog on the weekends in the afternoon more so than when I started my blog so I am going to be changing my upload days.

That being said, Thank you again!


Shishanna Elizabeth


Size Doesn’t Matter

I went to Target to try on a couple outfits, some that I knew would fit me, some that I wasn’t sure would fit and some that I knew would be too big for me. I tried on two dresses one an xs and the other a xl. I tried on a pair of high rise flare out jeans size 00 and a pair of cotton shorts size m.

I picked up these items of clothing because they were appealing to my style and looked comfortable.

The cotton xl dress fit me surprisingly, it is such a  stretchy material that it was just loose enough to be free flowing, comfy, and sort of fit like a tshirt dress. I think that if I tried on even a size small that it would still fit the same way just because of the way it is cut and the type of material.

The wrap dress fit me like a glove, of course the small probably would too since it is a wrap dress and I can tie it off to how tight I want it to be. Also the floor length fit me well so it wasn’t dragging, like a larger size probably would. This dress I ended up buying because I fell in love with the style, the pattern of fabric and the comfort it will offer me as a mom.


The little shorts were a bit big on me, they just kind of sat on my lack of hips and were more loose around my waist than I would normally wear. I loved the pattern of fabric and the cute little tie for a belt that showed some flare of style. These would be great to wear for most occasions and honestly something I would prefer wearing instead of jean shorts. I however decided against buying them since I tried on a bigger size than usual and didn’t bother with the size that would most likely fit. But I will gaze upon them every time I pass them when I go shopping at Target now!

The jeans were perfect! I really didn’t think I would fit into a 00 still after having a baby, even if it was a year ago, because I still wear my one pair of jeans I bought from H&M that were basically a size 3 or 4 and are too big for me. I was looking for jeans for that reason. They are flare outs, so they are fitted most of the way until your calves and flare out. I really like the look and deep blue color of them. The style reminds me of a very 60-70’s vibe which I have been slowly getting more into again and can envision the way I would style them. I just then would also need to buy myself more heels because I usually wear flats or boots, I own the occasional platform but I would want more! So while I think they fit well in the waist, butt, and thighs, they are for girls with far longer legs than I have.

So the reason why size doesn’t matter? Well, that’s because depending on the material and manufacturer and brand, your size isn’t going to be the same throughout. You could very easily be a small in one brand and a medium in another. Same goes for the stores, American Eagle for instance runs their size really small, other stores run their sizes on the larger side. I think also too it depends what you’re comfortable in. I love wearing t-shirts that are bigger so I usually buy a medium or large and I also like buying a medium in men’s t-shirts too. The same goes for shoes too. Not all shoes fit the same because they’re not all made the same.

Don’t get caught up in your size as if the number actually means that you are too fat or too skinny, because that isn’t what size is for. use size to remember what size you take in certain brands as a reference to save on shopping time, so you don’t always have to try things on, so you have a reference to give to others if they go shopping for you.

I went by my general size of clothes and the shorts ended up not fitting me well, the wrap dress fit me perfectly and I usually buy a small in dresses and that t-shirt dress fit even though it was 3 sizes bigger than what I buy!

It was a fun and interesting activity I had to do, plus I got to try out some new clothes, bought myself a new dress and may have tog o back fro those jeans!!


shoshanna elizabeth

Mock Ups

So I made another mock up ….and it went so much better than last time, plus it was for a purse that I designed and not a blouse (hoping that doesn’t mean that I will be better at purse making because as excited as I am to make this one, I cant see myself making purses and not clothes the rest of my life). I worked on my bed again, but with the thicker paper for pattern making and actually pinning it to my muslin cloth it was easier, should have remembered to do that the other day! I also didn’t have my son pull things off so that too made the time shorter. I assembled it all with packing tape again to make it faster and again no real work space and everything else is in boxes.


It is a simple, circular purse, not many measurements required and much as a blouse and it was easier to build a mock up out of thicker paper instead of a clothing pattern. I didn’t do the final outcome with all the fabrics I necessarily want for my actual design because again I want to keep all that a secret since it will be apart of my line for my store.

Also we were required to use a striped fabric that we designed earlier in the course for our purse, which I don’t plan on using for my actual design.



The time I spent on assembling the purse was only about 4 hours, it went by fast, plus I have to remember that with a sewing machine that will cut down on sewing time, whereas by hand would be even longer and more likely to tear. My wages are still $18 and hour, so that is $72. Materials are: fabric $3.50 since I only will use a portion of a yard of fabric, other fabric $5.00, again only a portion use for both the interior and slight decor exterior of the purse and since it would be specially ordered it is more expensive, $3.50 for interfacing, $3.00 for clasps and $4.00 for embellishments, totaling $27.50 for materials.  Total retail price would come to around $120 in order to make a profit and not just earn the costs back. For this purse I find that completely reasonable, both for my time and materials used. I cannot wait to reveal the actual product for my store!!


shoshanna elizabeth

technically supposed to write two different posts but I think that this one encompasses both assignments.

The Importance of Patterns, Measurements and Work Space

I recently made a mock up of a blouse for my fashion course….(I did it today, okay, last minute over here). I hit so many dead ends and came to the realization how important measurements, patterns, mock ups, work space and time are all extremely important when it comes to designing and being a seamstress.  I don’t have a work station, I don’t have a table set up where I keep all my sewing materials, my sewing machine, fabrics etc. I used to when I was a little girl and it gave my inspiration, I hung pictures all over the basement wall to look at and it was just my space.  Since moving several times over and not having any real space for myself, then having a baby, this sort of thing takes the back burner at times, and for me it has been on the back burner long enough. When we move as a family, (hopefully soon), having a work space is going to be important! I had to do all my cutting with paper scissors because I misplaced my fabric ones in some box in my closet, most of my pins, needles, chalk, and other bits and bobs for sewing are in the attic in boxes, all because I just don’t have the space here and am waiting until we move. I did all the work on my bed, which made for a poor hand to mark and cut my pattern on both paper and muslin.  So I ended up having to rely on good old tape….which is never a good idea. Also mix a one year old reaching on the bed and trying to grab everything off!! I had to throw him my scraps to keep him occupied!

Now I already had done the design of the blouse, calculated the measurements and started the pattern making process months ago, but had to put it all on hold because for different reasons and now I have only a week left to accomplish this certificate course! So I really want to get all the work done, but I also don’t have a lot of time.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Anyways back to the actual blouse. So this is not what my actual design is since I do not wish to reveal it because it will be apart of my clothing line in the future. However it is quite similar and most blouses are pretty basic in design and cut. I left it in muslin because I have yet to decided what fabric to use for my design.


I messed up on some of the measurements when making the paper pattern, I referred to a blouse I own that would be similar in cut in some aspects and tried to follow that pattern. Worked out much better and I was better with the muslin than paper. I don’t know how that will fair in the future but I do know that accurate measurements are important, they will affect the outcome and pattern, but also you cannot get the accurate measurements and cut the pattern so if you aren’t working on a sturdy surface.

It took me almost two hours to do what I did today and that wasn’t even with sewing, which would take me about another two hours probably, plus the designs I am going to include in the actual blouse will take me several hours at least. I am estimating that my total work time would be between 8 and 10 hours. I am charging $12.50 an hour for my work. My material costs would be $13 for fabric, because all I need is a yard for one blouse, $0.50 for the use of thread, and $2.00 for buttons. Total of $15.50. Total production cost would be $115.50. If I want a 20% profit, $23.00, then retail price would be $138.50.  To me this is too much so I will need to cut down on my production hours, especially if I am to make a mass amount and not just one.

So as you can tell all of this works together. You need a good, sturdy work space and time to make measurements and cut the pattern out, and you need a good pattern for a final product. Your work time will effect your pay and retail price of product and if you are taking too long and charging too much for something that is half assessed and not very good because your pattern wasn’t good, no one will purchase your product.

Hope this helps anyone who was even just a little curious, helped me with knowing what I need to change in my process and what I need to improve on.


shoshanna elizabeth