Cruelty Free Makeup

Going cruelty free has been something I have been wanting to do for a while, it was just always easier to re buy products I knew worked on my skin instead of having to buy and buy to find what worked in newer products. I have always had problematic skin, I have pitted scarring and spots that aren’t always easy to cover up. I am so glad that I found some makeup that covers up these marks and is also affordable!

Finding brands that are affordable is something we all want, especially as a stay at home mom that isn’t bringing in any extra income yet,  and has a son that needs lots of things as well as a bunch of things I want to give him. Buying makeup isn’t on the top of the list of things to get, neither is any other self pampering product really, it is just a plus. SO this makeup I have found is all great, makes my skin look dewy and has a good cover up and lasts for a decent amount of time during the day.

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I have always written off Wet n Wild and e.l.f cosmetics as makeup brands, that were just cheap. I have tried e.l.f a couple times in the past and maybe they changed their formulas but it was always just too thin for my the amount of coverage I wanted at the time. Now I have almost everything e.l.f and I love the coverage!


e.l.f cosmetics:

BB Cream with SPF 20 in Fair:

2017-07-22 03.20.51 1.jpg




What I like about this BB Cream is that it goes on smooth and soft, is lightweight but has a buildable coverage. I always struggle finding anything to use as a base or foundation because of my scarring. This makes it feel like I am wearing practically nothing. The coverage lasts all day for me, and it is making me interested in testing out more of their foundation products.






Lightweight Concealer Stick: Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


This concealer is another product that gives a great amount of coverage while maintaining the lightweight attribute. It has a very creamy formula.

I got it in the shade Fair and it matches my skin perfectly. The coverage doesn’t last all day, I do reapply a bit on my chin and the one cheek where my acne spots are most prominent and red.







Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter Duo:

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I have the darkest circles under my eyes, for so many different reasons. I was basically born with them, up late with insomnia and then as a mom don’t sleep much on top of it. So finding something that gives me a bit extra coverage but isn’t as heavy as normal concealer was something I was looking for. This is extremely light, not a heavy concealer but it does the job. Eye Concealer shouldn’t be heavy because then it will cake under your eyes and the skin around your eyes is the most sensitive so you don’t want anything heavy around them.  I like the highlighter combo aspect too because you can not only lighten up the under eye but also use it as a primer for eye shadow which I have done as well as a slight primer for a big of highlighter under the brows. I got this in the shade Fair/Light.


Lengthening  & Volumizing Mascara:

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I am not that picky when it comes to mascara, just as long as it doesn’t clump or take an eternity to be removed at night and allows me to keep my eyelashes. Basically that is what happened with a different makeup brand and I just couldn’t bare it anymore. I liked the idea of lengthening my lashes since a lot of them have fallen out over the past month or so from the previous mascara I had.

This wand is a little bubble, making it easy to get the smaller lashes at the corners of your eyes, as well as your bottom lashes without them clumping together and getting mascara other places around your eye.

It makes my lashes a very natural look.


Eyebrow Duo Brush:

2017-07-22 03.21.02 1.jpg


There isn’t much about this brush other than I like it. Both my previous brow brushes have broken, one of which was the older brow brush by e.l.f. I can say that I am honestly impressed by the amount of improvement this brand is making as an affordable makeup brand while making products that actually work well.

The brushes I have previous used from them fell apart easily and I just ended up going back to using my fingers or a blending sponge. This brow brush makes me want to get several more from this brand and see how well those fair.




Wet ‘n’ Wild:

Makeup Stick Highlight -When the Nude Strikes

2017-07-22 03.20.45 1.jpg


I wasn’t sure about what shade to pick for these highlighters, but I loved the look of them! I opted for this shade, the lightest one and it is a light highlighter. I think if I wanted to have something extra I would pick out a different shade but this one works great!

I dab a bit on my cupids bow, tip of my nose and the bridge of my nose, under my brows and sometimes I use it as a whole eye shadow stick too for extra glow!

I really want to pick up a couple more of these!





Retractable Eyeliner-black brown

2017-07-22 03.20.57 1.jpg


I tested out the felt tip eye liner last month in blackest black and I loved it. The only problem I had with it was that the cap itself didn’t click shut very easily and at some point it just stopped snapping back on. It was literally popping off!! I threw it out since it would have dried out too fast if I kept it. I am hoping that it was just that particular one I bought that has issues with its packaging because I would like to buy it again.

This eyeliner while I like it and it is easy to apply, it isn’t the type of eyeliner I usually buy. It is hard to get a good wing line with this liner since it easily rounds at the end. I also thought I picked up blackest black and not black brown, which may match my eyes well, it isn’t the look I like.


photofocus Setting Spray

2017-07-22 03.20.38 1.jpg


I never used setting spray much and haven’t ever had good luck finding one that works well and is also cruelty free and cheap yet (so if you know of one comment below!!).

I don’t have any positives about this setting spray and after using it for a week I don’t think it is doing it’s job and my makeup lasts far longer when I don’t use this spray.

It has a strange smell for one, it doesn’t feel refreshing, which is something I like as a setting spray, it should be a mix of a toner spray and setting. It is supposed to be adding a bit of last minute moisture to your makeup so it doesn’t cake, or smear right off. instead it soaks in a bit (sounds bad I know!) and settles (hahah) into your skin nicely.



Butter Gloss- Eclair

2017-07-22 03.20.59 1.jpg

I love NYX cosmetics. While it is a bit more expensive than the other two brands, they have great products.

I decided to test out a butter gloss since I threw out most of my other lipsticks from brands that test on animals. It is so smooth, slightly sticky and very pigmented. It also smells good and has a nice pinky, girly color I love to hate!

Like most lip gloss you have to reapply this one, it isn’t long lasting but as a mom I am ok with that!

I want to test out some of their matte lipsticks and get a couple more butter glosses!




Well that wraps up the new additions I have added to my cruelty free makeup bag. Again this is something I really want as apart of my lifestyle. I don’t want to be supporting brands that test on animals anymore! While I don’t like everything a crazy amount I am still hunting for those great products, so if you have any please please comment below! I would love to hear from you guys!


Shoshanna Elizabeth

Vintage Blondie

It was a super chilly day, compared to the normal humidity we have in the summer in NY. It was rainy, cozy and the best weather! I had a nice lazy morning for once, stayed home, ran out for a quick bit to grab some new makeup and then came home. Then I went back out again for the dentist, ugh.

I initially didn’t put on the button down, but since it was so cold and I didn’t really want an actual coat on I grabbed this. I love the way this whole look works.

I have on black booties, “high rise” jeans, an old Blondie t-shirt from Forever21, this vintage button down (featured in a previous blog post) and some necklaces I made.

Basically everything about this outfit is old, the only thing sort of new are my rings, bracelet and boots.  It is a real “vintage” ootd! haha! The gold pinky ring, is actually meant to be a ring for the upper part of your pointer finger, I got from Forever21 two years ago. The marble ring I recently got from Target. My Alex and Ani bracelet I was given when my son was born and it has his birthstone, Aquamarine. I initially didn’t think I would ever wear it and almost got rid of it but it is my favorite accessory to wear around my wrist!

The colors from my crystal and stone necklace really contrast well with the vintage top, the cow head choker plays off with the stone and booties making it feel almost inspired by the desert out west (a place I never have actually gone but want to badly!!).

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just realizing the clasp to my choker was in the front! ahhh
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weeds anyone?

My hair is a lovely frizz mess, slowly getting my curls back though so I am embracing it! Except the stupid wings that my bangs make when they dry! Like why?!

Processed with VSCO with  preset
hey there brick wall…


I think the only thing that would make this outfit feel more vintage and complete with the button down is if I wore my high rise flares! Next time!


Shoshanna Elizabeth

Business Grunge

Grunge is a look that I have been oldest friends with, throughout my years of high school and early adulthood. I lived in black, breathed hard rock music, got inspired by icons such as Courtney Love, Taylor Momsen, Cherie Currie and Debbie Harry.

I love not having one set style, but instead being inspired by a variety of influences, trends, clothes, looks and making them my own.

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mint water! The best!

Business casual is very common, so is dressing more feminine in business wear. The way women dress in the work place has been changing, a bit for men too but it is easier to see the differences in women’s clothes. I love that it could be as simple as a pair of trousers, a blouse and some oxfords for a business look.

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I wasn’t going into work but I did have a lot of errands to run and had to make an appearance at the DMV (everyone’s favorite place in America) for a new license and certificate of residence. I know you don’t have to look put together and in fact a lot of people come in after work all dirty. I like making a good impression when doing such errands.

I felt inspired to make this look more grunge instead of the usual nice black velvet tank. I haven’t worn anything of the sort in a while and felt like I was losing a part of my style. This tank top is from when I was maybe 18 from Forever21, so its super old and faded and I love it to death and hope to find something similar to replace it with (If anyone has suggestions please comment!). The trousers are from Old Navy, thank God for friends that have good taste in clothes and share hand-me-downs or clothes that didn’t fit and couldn’t be returned!

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The Mary Janes are from H&M 3 years ago. I am also wearing Halloween socks from last year I believe, from the Target dollar section.

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I also have on a crescent moon, necklace I am currently obsessed with from Target!

2017-07-10 10.50.50 1.jpg


I felt chic and comfortable (the main drive behind what I wear), therefore I felt empowered and ready to tackle my long list of errands!

What do you wear for business casual? Do you wear for comfort or style? What would make you feel empowered?

Comment below!

Good Vibes all you busy #bosses


Shoshanna Elizabeth

Mother and Son OOTD

I always wanted to do a little baby fashion shoot, which is really hard with a toddler that just runs constantly! So here is my son, Archer, who just loves being in the camera and is a complete cheese ball, and also my best friend.

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love catching his hugs on camera

The weather we were having was so night and day, going from a chilled, fall rain to a humid, summer afternoon.

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drip drop
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drip drip

Since the morning was chilly I put him in my favorite pants that I bought him from Target, Cat and Jack brand leggings with numbers all over! They’re the best brand of toddler clothes and are super cute and affordable!!

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He is peaking at the neighbors through our baby gate on the porch!

I think these leggings are actually meant for girls but I don’t really care he looks so good in them! Since I knew it would most likely warm up but it was still a bit cooler out I put him in my favorite t-shirt, also Cat and Jack brand, that says STRONG LIKE MOM! How cute is that?!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
got him on the move, the only way to really get pictures of your son that is a moving target haha

I wore a long sleeved, blue laced, crop top under the overalls (both from H&M, the shirt a couple years old the overalls I got last year). I also wore my yellow, floral printed wedges from Target that have to be about 10 years old and they look almost like new still! (because I was a child when I bought them, never wore them, I basically bought them for my future self and I believe I talked about this in my previous post so Im done explaining, bye.)

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
blue lace bra to match;)

I had also recently bought a couple rings from Target, and am obsessed! I haven’t worn tons of rings since I was a teenager I think and since then its just been my engagement ring.

I love the seasfoam, aqua color and am in love with the marbled one. I love that marble is basically a trend and used everywhere, I always thought it was a really unique look (guess not that unique now but I love that I could buy all the crap if I wanted haha).

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

We spent the morning running around the front porch and playing in his room, then I had an itch to go out. We ran to the mall because what is better than that, plus I needed to finish shopping for my friends birthday and then we needed eggs (super secretive and thrilling, egg shopping oooh).

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

After shopping and coming home to the humidity I changed into one of the dresses I had just bought from H&M and stripped Archer down to his diaper.

I love love love this dress and had been keeping an eye on it since it first hit the store racks, just waiting for it to go on sale. I unfortunately had to get a size bigger since all they had was a 6 or a 10, so it is slightly big on me but it also feel like it should be a bit looser and big.

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had to take a photo against my bedroom wall since the dress matched it!

It gives some serious Little House on the Prairie vibes!

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I honestly had so much fun taking these photos and editing them, posing with my dried out rose from my husband. Makes it feel vintage inspired!

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset


I want to do another post like this with my son, getting some child fashion into this would be fun, he always jumps in on my ootd pictures anyways!


shoshanna elizabeth

Im Back!

Where have I been? I cannot believe it has been nearly a month without any posts from me…I guess I ran out of ideas…maybe? Believe me I have been wanting to write again, it just always slipped my mind, or I never got any good pictures if at all, of my outfit or my skin was acting up again and I haven’ t been wanting to bother with makeup. It has mostly just been that I got busy. We moved house (yay!!), I have been spending the last month unpacking, moving shit around, buying new shit, finding places for the new shit, changing my address with EVERYONE, setting up all the things you need when you move house and getting all our bills in our names. THEN I have spent the other half of that time doing things for my last semester of college, all the fun stuff that comes with that and I am still not quite done with all that type of stuff.  And all my other time I put towards my family, my son mostly since he is glued to me and I’m loving it!

I did take pictures and I had post ideas in mind but like I said I forgot basically and just got too busy. I just went through my emails and saw a couple of emails I sent myself of the photos I wanted to use and just never got around to and now it just seems too late and they’re such lovely photos (Most of which are on my website: which is just another thing I have been working on and still have lost do to for, but still go check it out!).

SO…..Here is a run down on basically what I’ve been up to, and the random/terrible photos I took of my outifts along the way!

I unfortunately started to get these tension headaches, that at times also seemed like they were migraines. This actually started to occur recently after my last blog post (Cool Blue in Heat Wave) It was awful, I really couldn’t function, I laid in bed when the episodes started, didn’t unpack, and tried to entertain my son. I would honestly fall asleep for 20 minutes while he played and I would wake up to a complete mess, books ripped and toys all over but at least my head felt a bit better. I didn’t intentionally take a nap, I just wouldn’t be able to keep my eyes open. They also didn’t always last all day, it seemed to be brought on by the humid air we were having which also can happen if you get migraines.  Thankfully it didn’t last for more than a couple days!

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
one of the really bad days, where it just came on in the middle of the afternoon, I edited the photo too be as dark as my mind felt with pain, with intention of posting and then just never did.


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Initially when we moved into our home I started making bouquets for the dinner table every night with the gorgeous flowers from our garden. Mainly I will admit because we just wanted them out of the garden and start a new one with what we want to plant (something to still do) and I didn’t want to just blatantly kill them. atlas they are all dead now so no more bouquets for the table which is now sad.

BUT it was fun and pretty while it lasted but I also think it was bringing in ants which is a huge NO NO for me, I hate bugs in the house!




I also started getting more inspired by 60’s and 70’s style clothing, which I have always been a huge fan of and loved but never really gotten into it more than just a mere appreciation. I found this head scarf which I have had since I was like 6 maybe. (Crazy that it has survived! I always would go to get rid of it, but then last minute just couldn’t let go of it for some reason). I found my new inspiration for such styles in the music I have been listening to: obsessively listening to Zella Day all over again specifically her cover of Wonderwall, Malibu and Inspired by Miley Cyrus, David Bowie (always been my top favorite artist), Mamas and Papas, and a bunch of other random, popular rock songs from the 70’s.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Processed with VSCO with  preset
*Sleep must I

Me just being exhausted, struggling with the headache on Father’s Day actually. It started in the morning then I still had it when we went out but it wasn’t as bad as it was initially and by the evening it was gone.



I then took a couple photos with this backless top I have from Forever21 that is super ancient lol, another ootd post I was planning on and never got around to. So here’s the run down, old tank top from Forever21 that I still love to death, and daisy floral shorts from Target, also super old. (Anything pre-baby is super old to me now).

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Feature: kitchen counter and my massive mole that I love and hate.


Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
work work work





I started officially designing, making lists, goals and even a Twitter for my store that may or may not open sooner than I planned, which was initially in the Spring of 2018. I am loving all the designs I have done so far and am even starting to work on patterns and first drafts of a specific garment, which I will share with you all once it is finished!








Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
My way of announcing I was working on Instagram. Wearing a vintage gold cuff choker and this lovely play-suit that I have posted about on my Instagram a couple times I believe. I just love love LOVE the way the v neck is styled.


I finally then got all my clothes, well most of my clothes hung up in my closet. Still missing a bunch of clothes including my wedding dress, a sequence dress from H&M and a whole box worth of other things from my in laws house!!!! Yes I am more than pissed about it!!

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
We still need a dresser, my clothes still look like this



Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Terrible photo and the only one of me wearing this dress…which is why I didn’t post it!

Then I bought this boho dress for $15 from H&M when it was originally $50 I think! What a steal! I bought it on the day of my brothers high school graduation to wear that night, not because I needed to but I wanted to and it was on sale I mean come on! I was out already to get him a graduation present so might as well treat myself too after a long day it was!!


<—– I wanted to take a full body photo but I was standing in line with a bunch of high schoolers and their parents, my son was in a stroller getting fussy and they were all looking at me like they thought I was a student at the high school!! Which if it is because I look so young then yay for me when I am older, but when I have a son and they look like they feel sorry or disgusted by a young mom with a baby that is another thing!! (rant over)


The day after I went and got my toes done! I haven’t had a pedicure in a couple months so it was fabulous, my son even slept through most of it which made it more enjoyable because then I didn’t have to worry about entertaining him while I was sitting down!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
posted on instagram: love my jellie shoes!

Again, my camera skills died a bit, if you’re at all curious I got a spring green color on my toes and I love it!

Processed with VSCO with  preset

I took this as my ootd shot for Instagram. I am wearing a vintage, white tank, blouse thing that has always been slightly too big for my chest haha, high rise dark jeans that are ancient, but not as ancient as these shoes I am wearing that I think I have had since I was like 13. I never really wore them so they’re in great condition and I literally bought them a size bigger at the time so I would grow a bit into them and hope to wear them after I had a baby. Isn’t that weird? Well younger self I am wearing them after having a baby and they fit perfect! I posted this as a lifestyle photo too, as just a general “I am so happy where I am in my life right now….this is where I was meant to be” type thing. And I mean how extra am I with my laundry just casually flowing on the clothing line…real wifey over here!

Processed with VSCO with  preset
featured image: got a couple packs of film for the holiday weekend!!

Don’t have much to add to this other than I bought film haha!

Oh the background fabric is a sneak peak to what material I am designing with!

And now is now! You’re all caught up with mostly everything based of off the photos I took, these really are the only ones remotely close to any fashion photos I was hoping on using for other reasons.

Today I am wearing this striped crop top, which you’ve seen before in a previous blog post,  with high rise flare out jeans (also in a previous blog post about size doesn’t matter they were just a bluer color) and I did have on some tan wedges that are featured. Also I am wearing a crescent moon necklace that I literally just bought today because I love it and so many people have one similar!! Loving that moons are being a trend because then I can buy all the stuff!! haha jk I wish I could.


Originally I had on a different crescent moon choker, I had bought it from Choies a year ago I think, may still be up I am not sure, but I kid you not I sneezed and the clasp gave way and it fell off my neck!! I was so shocked! I fixed it since I have needle nose pliers and such for jewelry making but still!! I sneezed and it basically broke! So glad I fixed it because I just love the pearl that is on the inside of it.  This is why I bought this new necklace when I was out, I felt like my outfit was lacking!


I think that was the longest post I have ever written!! I plan on getting back at it, I still love writing about my style and have some ideas for other things fashion wise.

Be sure to check out my website with links to some photography, and a lifestyle blog  that I have on their with different types of posts ( link above) , also if you want to really stay connected follow my Instagram(s): more fashion and I sometimes follow back:  my more personal one and family orientated, I dont follow back on this one:

I am also getting back into filming sometimes so go subscribe to my youtube channel as well!

and last but not least my twitter:

Like I said I post mostly on my Instagram: sheonlywearsboots just because it is easier and I like it so much more than anything else.

Lots of love and good vibes babes!!


shoshanna elizabeth

Cool Blue in Heat Wave

This past week we had days that were getting us feeling like it was actually June and guess what we all hated it! Funny how that works. You want to sunshine in June but the minute that happens and its not raining anymore you complain.

I found it easy to find outfits during this weather because I have been surprisingly into wearing my dresses and skirts (I used to hate wearing anything but high rise shorts and boots haha!) That and the air just flows so much better and you don’t feel as sticky as you would in jean material.

I am wearing a crop top I got from H&M a couple years ago and this wrap skirt, which is actually double sided and you can even wear it as a dress or top depending how you wrap it! It is the coolest piece of clothing I own and I have had it for many years now and each year I wear it more and more. My sister and I picked it up at a store in Georgia when we were on vacation in maybe 2008??? I dont remember. ANYWAY point is my mom only bought one so we had to share it…obviously I got to keep it hahahaha!!

Being only slightly dramatic but my hair was ALL OVER the place from the humidity it was crazy 80’s hair, which I have always been blessed with it just comes out more when I either brush it or the heat gets to it.


Side note: ootd posts might start to get scarce as I want to start blogging about other things as well.



shoshanna elizabeth


Stripes on Floral…..Again!!

So my go to look this spring must just be floral patterns paired with stripes, because not only do I have several already documented on here, there have been other outfits not documented.

This awesome, almost school teacher vibe maxi skirt is from a local antique shop. It is slightly too big for me and I have yet taken the time to take the waist line in. It has two shallow pockets and a slit up the back for a more movement. I dont know why it called my name but I decided to make it mine. I may decided at some point to make it shorter.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Here I pinned it in to make it fit more of my waist other wise it would be sitting on my hips in order to fit me without pinning it in.

The knitted crop top is from Romwe, a couple years old, also I never know which is the actual front because it is uniform on both sides. This happens to be one of my favorite tops, and the mustard yellow color seems to change in the lighting making it extra ugly and perfect!

Processed with VSCO with  preset
Processed with VSCO with preset

The little sweater is from Forever21 from about a year ago, also a button down crop top but I tend to wear it as a light sweater.

I am also wearing my yellow platform oxfords from H&M, which I changed the laces out and are actually about 5 -6 years old.

Processed with VSCO with  preset
Processed with VSCO with preset

My jewelry I made myself, super easy to make chokers and necklaces like these, maybe a future blog post? I got the materials from craft store heaven, Michael’s!! If you dont have one near you I pity you but if you have some sort of fantastic craft supply store that is equally as perfect!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I wore this weeks ago, with moving and everything in boxes and bags I dont have much access to my clothes and have been just wearing tshirts and jeans, keeping it simple. Hope to be able to have newer content and maybe even new clothes to haul within the next month!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little ootd, vintage find and floral on stripes look!!

Vintage can be so much fun if you style it right, or even know how to change the appearance and make alterations!! All in the name of style and fashion!


Shoshanna Elizabeth