About Me!

I think it is time for a new about me! I started this blog the beginning of this year, 2017, out of boredom and desperation. I wanted to get back into the fashion world somehow, to start chasing my childhood dreams to prove to myself it is possible, to be happy and to show my son as he grows that you can and should chase after what you want in your life no matter what is going on! I have a certificate in fashion from Parson’s and Teen Vogue’s online school program, which was eye opening and recharged my love for design. I am about to get my Associates in Entrepreneurship at the end of this semester. I also intern for the lovely LITTLE BLUEBERRYY and I am going to be writing the blog for WITH LOVE BY KM, two great amazing brands you need to go check out! So a quicker run down on my daily life; I am a mom, a student, and I blog and intern!

I say I needed this blog for so many reasons. I needed to get myself started again. I needed it because as a mom I only wore sweats, jeans, and work out clothes for the first six months after having my son. I didn’t want to be a mom that told her kids all the things I wanted to do but never did because oh right I had you, how mean is that?! I chose to make my life a lesson. I want to inspire my son more than anything, because he inspires me every single day! My husband and son ARE my WORLD and doing this just helps me keep a little bit of myself, keeps me going, some days it literally gets me out of the bed so I can take nice photos and post on here.

I have a lot of personal projects I am working on to launch next year so here is a great place to read about BTS and more!

Thank you for taking at peek at my blog,

With so much thankfulness and love,

She Only Wears Boots xoxo

-Shoshanna Elizabeth