Cruelty Free Makeup

Going cruelty free has been something I have been wanting to do for a while, it was just always easier to re buy products I knew worked on my skin instead of having to buy and buy to find what worked in newer products. I have always had problematic skin, I have pitted scarring and spots that aren’t always easy to cover up. I am so glad that I found some makeup that covers up these marks and is also affordable!

Finding brands that are affordable is something we all want, especially as a stay at home mom that isn’t bringing in any extra income yet,  and has a son that needs lots of things as well as a bunch of things I want to give him. Buying makeup isn’t on the top of the list of things to get, neither is any other self pampering product really, it is just a plus. SO this makeup I have found is all great, makes my skin look dewy and has a good cover up and lasts for a decent amount of time during the day.

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I have always written off Wet n Wild and e.l.f cosmetics as makeup brands, that were just cheap. I have tried e.l.f a couple times in the past and maybe they changed their formulas but it was always just too thin for my the amount of coverage I wanted at the time. Now I have almost everything e.l.f and I love the coverage!


e.l.f cosmetics:

BB Cream with SPF 20 in Fair:

2017-07-22 03.20.51 1.jpg




What I like about this BB Cream is that it goes on smooth and soft, is lightweight but has a buildable coverage. I always struggle finding anything to use as a base or foundation because of my scarring. This makes it feel like I am wearing practically nothing. The coverage lasts all day for me, and it is making me interested in testing out more of their foundation products.






Lightweight Concealer Stick: Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


This concealer is another product that gives a great amount of coverage while maintaining the lightweight attribute. It has a very creamy formula.

I got it in the shade Fair and it matches my skin perfectly. The coverage doesn’t last all day, I do reapply a bit on my chin and the one cheek where my acne spots are most prominent and red.







Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter Duo:

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I have the darkest circles under my eyes, for so many different reasons. I was basically born with them, up late with insomnia and then as a mom don’t sleep much on top of it. So finding something that gives me a bit extra coverage but isn’t as heavy as normal concealer was something I was looking for. This is extremely light, not a heavy concealer but it does the job. Eye Concealer shouldn’t be heavy because then it will cake under your eyes and the skin around your eyes is the most sensitive so you don’t want anything heavy around them.  I like the highlighter combo aspect too because you can not only lighten up the under eye but also use it as a primer for eye shadow which I have done as well as a slight primer for a big of highlighter under the brows. I got this in the shade Fair/Light.


Lengthening  & Volumizing Mascara:

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I am not that picky when it comes to mascara, just as long as it doesn’t clump or take an eternity to be removed at night and allows me to keep my eyelashes. Basically that is what happened with a different makeup brand and I just couldn’t bare it anymore. I liked the idea of lengthening my lashes since a lot of them have fallen out over the past month or so from the previous mascara I had.

This wand is a little bubble, making it easy to get the smaller lashes at the corners of your eyes, as well as your bottom lashes without them clumping together and getting mascara other places around your eye.

It makes my lashes a very natural look.


Eyebrow Duo Brush:

2017-07-22 03.21.02 1.jpg


There isn’t much about this brush other than I like it. Both my previous brow brushes have broken, one of which was the older brow brush by e.l.f. I can say that I am honestly impressed by the amount of improvement this brand is making as an affordable makeup brand while making products that actually work well.

The brushes I have previous used from them fell apart easily and I just ended up going back to using my fingers or a blending sponge. This brow brush makes me want to get several more from this brand and see how well those fair.




Wet ‘n’ Wild:

Makeup Stick Highlight -When the Nude Strikes

2017-07-22 03.20.45 1.jpg


I wasn’t sure about what shade to pick for these highlighters, but I loved the look of them! I opted for this shade, the lightest one and it is a light highlighter. I think if I wanted to have something extra I would pick out a different shade but this one works great!

I dab a bit on my cupids bow, tip of my nose and the bridge of my nose, under my brows and sometimes I use it as a whole eye shadow stick too for extra glow!

I really want to pick up a couple more of these!





Retractable Eyeliner-black brown

2017-07-22 03.20.57 1.jpg


I tested out the felt tip eye liner last month in blackest black and I loved it. The only problem I had with it was that the cap itself didn’t click shut very easily and at some point it just stopped snapping back on. It was literally popping off!! I threw it out since it would have dried out too fast if I kept it. I am hoping that it was just that particular one I bought that has issues with its packaging because I would like to buy it again.

This eyeliner while I like it and it is easy to apply, it isn’t the type of eyeliner I usually buy. It is hard to get a good wing line with this liner since it easily rounds at the end. I also thought I picked up blackest black and not black brown, which may match my eyes well, it isn’t the look I like.


photofocus Setting Spray

2017-07-22 03.20.38 1.jpg


I never used setting spray much and haven’t ever had good luck finding one that works well and is also cruelty free and cheap yet (so if you know of one comment below!!).

I don’t have any positives about this setting spray and after using it for a week I don’t think it is doing it’s job and my makeup lasts far longer when I don’t use this spray.

It has a strange smell for one, it doesn’t feel refreshing, which is something I like as a setting spray, it should be a mix of a toner spray and setting. It is supposed to be adding a bit of last minute moisture to your makeup so it doesn’t cake, or smear right off. instead it soaks in a bit (sounds bad I know!) and settles (hahah) into your skin nicely.



Butter Gloss- Eclair

2017-07-22 03.20.59 1.jpg

I love NYX cosmetics. While it is a bit more expensive than the other two brands, they have great products.

I decided to test out a butter gloss since I threw out most of my other lipsticks from brands that test on animals. It is so smooth, slightly sticky and very pigmented. It also smells good and has a nice pinky, girly color I love to hate!

Like most lip gloss you have to reapply this one, it isn’t long lasting but as a mom I am ok with that!

I want to test out some of their matte lipsticks and get a couple more butter glosses!




Well that wraps up the new additions I have added to my cruelty free makeup bag. Again this is something I really want as apart of my lifestyle. I don’t want to be supporting brands that test on animals anymore! While I don’t like everything a crazy amount I am still hunting for those great products, so if you have any please please comment below! I would love to hear from you guys!


Shoshanna Elizabeth


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