Vintage Blondie

It was a super chilly day, compared to the normal humidity we have in the summer in NY. It was rainy, cozy and the best weather! I had a nice lazy morning for once, stayed home, ran out for a quick bit to grab some new makeup and then came home. Then I went back out again for the dentist, ugh.

I initially didn’t put on the button down, but since it was so cold and I didn’t really want an actual coat on I grabbed this. I love the way this whole look works.

I have on black booties, “high rise” jeans, an old Blondie t-shirt from Forever21, this vintage button down (featured in a previous blog post) and some necklaces I made.

Basically everything about this outfit is old, the only thing sort of new are my rings, bracelet and boots.  It is a real “vintage” ootd! haha! The gold pinky ring, is actually meant to be a ring for the upper part of your pointer finger, I got from Forever21 two years ago. The marble ring I recently got from Target. My Alex and Ani bracelet I was given when my son was born and it has his birthstone, Aquamarine. I initially didn’t think I would ever wear it and almost got rid of it but it is my favorite accessory to wear around my wrist!

The colors from my crystal and stone necklace really contrast well with the vintage top, the cow head choker plays off with the stone and booties making it feel almost inspired by the desert out west (a place I never have actually gone but want to badly!!).

Processed with VSCO with  preset
just realizing the clasp to my choker was in the front! ahhh
Processed with VSCO with  preset
weeds anyone?

My hair is a lovely frizz mess, slowly getting my curls back though so I am embracing it! Except the stupid wings that my bangs make when they dry! Like why?!

Processed with VSCO with  preset
hey there brick wall…


I think the only thing that would make this outfit feel more vintage and complete with the button down is if I wore my high rise flares! Next time!


Shoshanna Elizabeth


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