Business Grunge

Grunge is a look that I have been oldest friends with, throughout my years of high school and early adulthood. I lived in black, breathed hard rock music, got inspired by icons such as Courtney Love, Taylor Momsen, Cherie Currie and Debbie Harry.

I love not having one set style, but instead being inspired by a variety of influences, trends, clothes, looks and making them my own.

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mint water! The best!

Business casual is very common, so is dressing more feminine in business wear. The way women dress in the work place has been changing, a bit for men too but it is easier to see the differences in women’s clothes. I love that it could be as simple as a pair of trousers, a blouse and some oxfords for a business look.

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I wasn’t going into work but I did have a lot of errands to run and had to make an appearance at the DMV (everyone’s favorite place in America) for a new license and certificate of residence. I know you don’t have to look put together and in fact a lot of people come in after work all dirty. I like making a good impression when doing such errands.

I felt inspired to make this look more grunge instead of the usual nice black velvet tank. I haven’t worn anything of the sort in a while and felt like I was losing a part of my style. This tank top is from when I was maybe 18 from Forever21, so its super old and faded and I love it to death and hope to find something similar to replace it with (If anyone has suggestions please comment!). The trousers are from Old Navy, thank God for friends that have good taste in clothes and share hand-me-downs or clothes that didn’t fit and couldn’t be returned!

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The Mary Janes are from H&M 3 years ago. I am also wearing Halloween socks from last year I believe, from the Target dollar section.

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I also have on a crescent moon, necklace I am currently obsessed with from Target!

2017-07-10 10.50.50 1.jpg


I felt chic and comfortable (the main drive behind what I wear), therefore I felt empowered and ready to tackle my long list of errands!

What do you wear for business casual? Do you wear for comfort or style? What would make you feel empowered?

Comment below!

Good Vibes all you busy #bosses


Shoshanna Elizabeth


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