Mother and Son OOTD

I always wanted to do a little baby fashion shoot, which is really hard with a toddler that just runs constantly! So here is my son, Archer, who just loves being in the camera and is a complete cheese ball, and also my best friend.

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love catching his hugs on camera

The weather we were having was so night and day, going from a chilled, fall rain to a humid, summer afternoon.

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drip drop
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drip drip

Since the morning was chilly I put him in my favorite pants that I bought him from Target, Cat and Jack brand leggings with numbers all over! They’re the best brand of toddler clothes and are super cute and affordable!!

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He is peaking at the neighbors through our baby gate on the porch!

I think these leggings are actually meant for girls but I don’t really care he looks so good in them! Since I knew it would most likely warm up but it was still a bit cooler out I put him in my favorite t-shirt, also Cat and Jack brand, that says STRONG LIKE MOM! How cute is that?!

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got him on the move, the only way to really get pictures of your son that is a moving target haha

I wore a long sleeved, blue laced, crop top under the overalls (both from H&M, the shirt a couple years old the overalls I got last year). I also wore my yellow, floral printed wedges from Target that have to be about 10 years old and they look almost like new still! (because I was a child when I bought them, never wore them, I basically bought them for my future self and I believe I talked about this in my previous post so Im done explaining, bye.)

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blue lace bra to match;)

I had also recently bought a couple rings from Target, and am obsessed! I haven’t worn tons of rings since I was a teenager I think and since then its just been my engagement ring.

I love the seasfoam, aqua color and am in love with the marbled one. I love that marble is basically a trend and used everywhere, I always thought it was a really unique look (guess not that unique now but I love that I could buy all the crap if I wanted haha).

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

We spent the morning running around the front porch and playing in his room, then I had an itch to go out. We ran to the mall because what is better than that, plus I needed to finish shopping for my friends birthday and then we needed eggs (super secretive and thrilling, egg shopping oooh).

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

After shopping and coming home to the humidity I changed into one of the dresses I had just bought from H&M and stripped Archer down to his diaper.

I love love love this dress and had been keeping an eye on it since it first hit the store racks, just waiting for it to go on sale. I unfortunately had to get a size bigger since all they had was a 6 or a 10, so it is slightly big on me but it also feel like it should be a bit looser and big.

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had to take a photo against my bedroom wall since the dress matched it!

It gives some serious Little House on the Prairie vibes!

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

I honestly had so much fun taking these photos and editing them, posing with my dried out rose from my husband. Makes it feel vintage inspired!

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset


I want to do another post like this with my son, getting some child fashion into this would be fun, he always jumps in on my ootd pictures anyways!


shoshanna elizabeth


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