Cool Blue in Heat Wave

This past week we had days that were getting us feeling like it was actually June and guess what we all hated it! Funny how that works. You want to sunshine in June but the minute that happens and its not raining anymore you complain.

I found it easy to find outfits during this weather because I have been surprisingly into wearing my dresses and skirts (I used to hate wearing anything but high rise shorts and boots haha!) That and the air just flows so much better and you don’t feel as sticky as you would in jean material.

I am wearing a crop top I got from H&M a couple years ago and this wrap skirt, which is actually double sided and you can even wear it as a dress or top depending how you wrap it! It is the coolest piece of clothing I own and I have had it for many years now and each year I wear it more and more. My sister and I picked it up at a store in Georgia when we were on vacation in maybe 2008??? I dont remember. ANYWAY point is my mom only bought one so we had to share it…obviously I got to keep it hahahaha!!

Being only slightly dramatic but my hair was ALL OVER the place from the humidity it was crazy 80’s hair, which I have always been blessed with it just comes out more when I either brush it or the heat gets to it.


Side note: ootd posts might start to get scarce as I want to start blogging about other things as well.



shoshanna elizabeth



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