Wanting It All

Browsing through all the new collections at H&M the other day I saw so many 90’s inspired comebacks, which I loved because I resonate with that style, not that I ever dressed that way in the 90’s because I was a baby, but because I just love the materials that were used. Lace, velvet, satin, and jean. Jean skirts are making a come back and I have always hated them but this display (one in featured image) makes me want that specific jean skirt.  It would pair perfectly with the top featured next to it, which is why I think they put them next to each other. I would never actually buy it, but it is appealing enough. Most displays work well because they pair things with the same generalized theme next to each other, or clothes that were designed to be an outfit such as this shirt and skirt.

I took a lot of inspiration from the new lines, something to get my brain going with my own designs, to see what my demographic is into at the moment.


I also love this display because feminism-equality is such a huge deal, focus point and topic of a lot of conversations over this past year with the Presidential election too. Also because equality, lgbtq, trans and everything else you could label or not label yourself as, is just as important and huge with the world.  A femme is a “lesbian whose appearance and behavior are seen as traditionally feminine.” This is the focal point, it stands out so well on this wall of reds, pinks and floral, which are all very feminine prints.

Another part of this display is this shirt.



It is another great statement shirt, and has this touch of red as well. I actually would love to own this shirt. It is so true. The past is the past, don’t look back, don’t overthink about it, move on and forward. I know this is hard to do, believe me I know and sometimes it will take you longer to move on than in other situations, but it is important to not let it control you.

I think all these aspects work together in one display because one, the color connection is all there, all reds, pinks and white making it pleasing to look at. Two because of the two bold statement shirts, these are the only t-shirts that are facing outwards to see what is printed on the front.  Also you could say that you shouldn’t look back to a time when equality was so poor in history and start looking forward to fight for equality for all.


Shoshanna Elizabeth


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