Size Doesn’t Matter

I went to Target to try on a couple outfits, some that I knew would fit me, some that I wasn’t sure would fit and some that I knew would be too big for me. I tried on two dresses one an xs and the other a xl. I tried on a pair of high rise flare out jeans size 00 and a pair of cotton shorts size m.

I picked up these items of clothing because they were appealing to my style and looked comfortable.

The cotton xl dress fit me surprisingly, it is such a  stretchy material that it was just loose enough to be free flowing, comfy, and sort of fit like a tshirt dress. I think that if I tried on even a size small that it would still fit the same way just because of the way it is cut and the type of material.

The wrap dress fit me like a glove, of course the small probably would too since it is a wrap dress and I can tie it off to how tight I want it to be. Also the floor length fit me well so it wasn’t dragging, like a larger size probably would. This dress I ended up buying because I fell in love with the style, the pattern of fabric and the comfort it will offer me as a mom.


The little shorts were a bit big on me, they just kind of sat on my lack of hips and were more loose around my waist than I would normally wear. I loved the pattern of fabric and the cute little tie for a belt that showed some flare of style. These would be great to wear for most occasions and honestly something I would prefer wearing instead of jean shorts. I however decided against buying them since I tried on a bigger size than usual and didn’t bother with the size that would most likely fit. But I will gaze upon them every time I pass them when I go shopping at Target now!

The jeans were perfect! I really didn’t think I would fit into a 00 still after having a baby, even if it was a year ago, because I still wear my one pair of jeans I bought from H&M that were basically a size 3 or 4 and are too big for me. I was looking for jeans for that reason. They are flare outs, so they are fitted most of the way until your calves and flare out. I really like the look and deep blue color of them. The style reminds me of a very 60-70’s vibe which I have been slowly getting more into again and can envision the way I would style them. I just then would also need to buy myself more heels because I usually wear flats or boots, I own the occasional platform but I would want more! So while I think they fit well in the waist, butt, and thighs, they are for girls with far longer legs than I have.

So the reason why size doesn’t matter? Well, that’s because depending on the material and manufacturer and brand, your size isn’t going to be the same throughout. You could very easily be a small in one brand and a medium in another. Same goes for the stores, American Eagle for instance runs their size really small, other stores run their sizes on the larger side. I think also too it depends what you’re comfortable in. I love wearing t-shirts that are bigger so I usually buy a medium or large and I also like buying a medium in men’s t-shirts too. The same goes for shoes too. Not all shoes fit the same because they’re not all made the same.

Don’t get caught up in your size as if the number actually means that you are too fat or too skinny, because that isn’t what size is for. use size to remember what size you take in certain brands as a reference to save on shopping time, so you don’t always have to try things on, so you have a reference to give to others if they go shopping for you.

I went by my general size of clothes and the shorts ended up not fitting me well, the wrap dress fit me perfectly and I usually buy a small in dresses and that t-shirt dress fit even though it was 3 sizes bigger than what I buy!

It was a fun and interesting activity I had to do, plus I got to try out some new clothes, bought myself a new dress and may have tog o back fro those jeans!!


shoshanna elizabeth


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