Mock Ups

So I made another mock up ….and it went so much better than last time, plus it was for a purse that I designed and not a blouse (hoping that doesn’t mean that I will be better at purse making because as excited as I am to make this one, I cant see myself making purses and not clothes the rest of my life). I worked on my bed again, but with the thicker paper for pattern making and actually pinning it to my muslin cloth it was easier, should have remembered to do that the other day! I also didn’t have my son pull things off so that too made the time shorter. I assembled it all with packing tape again to make it faster and again no real work space and everything else is in boxes.


It is a simple, circular purse, not many measurements required and much as a blouse and it was easier to build a mock up out of thicker paper instead of a clothing pattern. I didn’t do the final outcome with all the fabrics I necessarily want for my actual design because again I want to keep all that a secret since it will be apart of my line for my store.

Also we were required to use a striped fabric that we designed earlier in the course for our purse, which I don’t plan on using for my actual design.



The time I spent on assembling the purse was only about 4 hours, it went by fast, plus I have to remember that with a sewing machine that will cut down on sewing time, whereas by hand would be even longer and more likely to tear. My wages are still $18 and hour, so that is $72. Materials are: fabric $3.50 since I only will use a portion of a yard of fabric, other fabric $5.00, again only a portion use for both the interior and slight decor exterior of the purse and since it would be specially ordered it is more expensive, $3.50 for interfacing, $3.00 for clasps and $4.00 for embellishments, totaling $27.50 for materials.  Total retail price would come to around $120 in order to make a profit and not just earn the costs back. For this purse I find that completely reasonable, both for my time and materials used. I cannot wait to reveal the actual product for my store!!


shoshanna elizabeth

technically supposed to write two different posts but I think that this one encompasses both assignments.


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