Shorter Hair and Blonde

So I keep cutting my hair shorter and shorter. Also cut my bangs again even though I just got done saying I wanted to grow them out and was tired of my bangs! I just really want my natural hair to grow out again so I can bring some sort of balance, restoration, health to it again after years and years of blonde hair dye, then bleach, then black hair dye, then bleaching several times over that and then the pink and lastly blue and bleach yet again!!

I really feel like me when I have bleached blonde hair, that is the hair color I feel like I am supposed to have, not the dark light brown hair. I always, in my mind see myself as someone with really blonde hair I don’t know why.

So I decided to do the Joico color eraser again and I didn’t even have enough! I still have little bits of blue that is visible near my roots which bothers me but I also like at the same time. I am very tempted to just bleach my whole head and forget about growing my hair out but I am going to refrain! I need to give my hair a break it is actually becoming fried which has never happened to me before! It would always still be decently healthy when I bleached it.

Also just love taking pictures by these lilacs and really wish that it was in my back yard because they smell so delicious!! And it complimented my kimono so well!

I also just want longer hair again, I like this little bob look with bangs but I miss all the hair styles I did with braids!!!

So hopefully my hair start to grow faster due to magical powers!


shoshanna elizabeth


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