90’s Grunge Look

Wearing dresses with fishnets or lace tights and boots or mary-janes has always been a favorite look of mine. It is comfortable to me, feels like another skin, like I am apart of my tribe.

The floral dress used to be my moms and is actually from the 80’s! It used to be a floor length maxi dress. It has 3 finger lengths sleeves and a zig zag pattern tie in the back to cinch in to be more fitted. When I was maybe 16, I decided to take the dress and hem it to be shorter, my mom was going to get rid of the dress and I really liked the floral print and the tie in the back, I saw potential. So all I did was cut about half  of the bottom off and then hand sew the hem. That is it, thats all it took to make it brand new and completely different looking. Besides the past summer where I couldnt wear it because of breastfeeding it would be quite difficult to manage it in this dress, I wear it all year round. It is that kind of dress that you can wear with tights and a jacket in the fall and spring and then with sandals in the summer. I was so excited that I could wear this dress again this year!

I paired it with this jean jacket from H&M that I painted on the back. It was an art project for my high school class, in 2013, me and my friend came up with the design to go with our album art for our demo we were working on that spring/summer. She wasnt in school with me but did the project herself at home. It is a favorite of mine since hers and mine are the only ones like it, it is art, it is special and while we have the same design we have different painting styles so it is still different.  And before anyone asks, no that demo never made it anywhere and we never finished recording it, life happened and we stopped singing together, but as it turns out….we may start again!

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

These fishnets I got super cheap from SHEIN I believe and the maryjanes are also from H&M a couple years ago. I originally bought them for when I was working at a bar but then I never really wore them until now. I also am wearing Halloween socks because it is the best Holiday, Target sells the best Holiday socks and they also happen to be the only socks I really wear.

Short dresses, whether it be slip dresses, floral print, sheer, worn with fishnets is something that is apart of several tribe looks. It could be classified as punk, rocker, or grunge.  Grunge is the tribe movement that started in Washington state in the 90’s closer to when Nirvana hit the music scene. Rocker and punk look started in England in the late 60’s early 70’s and leather was the main component for rockers and using objects such as safety pins and dying your hair different colors was punk. Grunge has several components of the previous tribes that took place. Though those titles are still thrown around today, they arent as true to what they used to be.

A little history behind why I named it 90’s grunge.


shoshanna elizabeth


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