Glossier and Skin Care

I wanted to share with you guys my thoughts on the skin tint from Glossier and share some of my skin care products with you guys. First off, I am no expert, but I have done plenty of trials with all natural skin care products, drugstore and high end expensive skin care products. I suffered with really bad acne, cystic, white heads, the mountains on your chin, hormonal acne, acne scars both pitted and surface and acne dark spots….all for another time to go in detail about. BUT I have finally found what works for me! Coconut oil!! I cannot say enough about coconut oil and the amazing properties it has for beauty and health! I have always used it in my hair and it is what diminished my stretch marks after having my son, stretch mark cream and cocoa butter didnt do a thing! The oil soaks into your skin and plumps it out and hydrates it better than anything! I use coconut oil on my skin as a makeup remover, moisturizer in the morning/ primer for my makeup!

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I tend to use a bit more than enough when moisturizing my skin because I want my skin to soak up as much as it can, I have very dry skin at the moment, and also have a bit left on the surface for a smooth surface for application of my makeup!

I also use sunscreen! It is so so important to use sunscreen as apart of your morning routine to put on under your makeup because the ingredients in it have acne fighting properties, help diminish/fight against getting spots and it is becoming more important to protect your skin from the UV rays. This is something I didnt learn until I already was getting spots and scars. I like using extra sunscreen, if I ever get a product that says sunscreen is already in it because to me that just isnt enough. I have been using this facial sunscreen from Neutrogena for several years now and it has helped a lot.

At night time instead of using the coconut oil as a moisturizer I have been using this avocado and rose hip oil that feels amazing! Rose hip oil is great for scars and acne spots too, and I was so intrigued by the avocado oil because I have never before seen it anywhere and avocados are such a great healthy fat that helps with clear skin!

The face wash that I have been using for almost two years now is the philosophy’s purity, it has been the only thing that really washes my face without being too harsh and removes excess makeup at the same time. I have a couple other face washes that I switch in and out but this is the main one I use in the mornings and night.

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I have been trying to use as little as possible on my face and it has made a huge difference in my skin, the clarity, hydration, pigmentation and reduced the appearance of my spots and scars. I never like wearing a lot of makeup in the summer but like having a light layer of something and decided to test out Glossier’s light skin tint. It matches my hue perfectly, it has a watery consistency so it is a very light coverage, but the coverage is lasting. It goes on smoothly and you can build it up slightly but it doesnt build up as much as a heavy foundation would. So far I am enjoying it and have been using that over my cover up to hide the few existing and new spots and acne that I have been getting since it is that time of month just about. I always get hormonal breakouts on my chin.

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Some of the other products I use are NYX under eye coverage and the green cover up for my red marks, then I use Revelon coverup, the stick not liquid in the shade Fair. Over that I apply generously my Glossier skin tint in light, add a bit of ELF highlighter/blush in Pink Diamonds. I have been using NYX lilac eyeliner for under my eyes and Loreal’s Voluminous black mascara. I then put on a little bit of Glossier’s skin salve which is basically just a little bit of petroleum jelly for my lips with a dab of Colorpops cake satin for a light lip color!

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That about sums up my skin and beauty as of late, including my thoughts on Glossier’s skin tint and salve, I would love to try more of their products soon and share my thoughts with you all!


shoshanna elizabeth


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