Floral on Stripes

I must be feeling a theme this week with the stripes and floral, second day this week pairing the two different prints and third day in a row with stripes! I do love stripes haha I havent worn this skirt in almost 2 years now! That’s crazy! I couldn’t fit into it last summer because I still had baby weight to lose and the previous summer I think I wore it …maybe …I cant remember but I definitely did the previous summer when I visited my mom in Florida. I had bought this amazing long skirt with thick black and white vertical stripes from Charlotte Russe believe it or not almost 5 years ago…I was still in high school when I bought it, weird. I love it because it is slimming, it has a bit of a high rise to it so it looks great with crop tops too and the two high cuts in the sides for my legs to poke out are fabulous and very Princess Leia in Star Wars Episode VI inspired. I love Star Wars!

I paired it with this floral top that you have seen before, from Marshall’s, unfortunately it doesn’t fit the same because it shrunk a bit in the wash but at least it still fits! I wore brown, yes brown with black, wedges because I wanted to break them in, I got them from Marshall’s as well. They fit great and are such a huge difference in type of shoe for me..I usually wear my combat boots, sadly they are falling apart.

I wore this to go grocery shopping and book shopping with my little one this afternoon and while he napped in the car when we got home I quickly snapped a couple ottd for my insta and blog, something that hardly ever happens!

Pretty pleased with how they turned out, any suggestions to make them better let me know!

Going to finish off my afternoon in my bedroom trying to write my final paper for History of Fashion, a topic I plan on sharing with you all soon, while the babes plays on the floor next to me or climbs all over my body hahaha we will just see how it goes!


shoshanna elizabeth


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