Mixed Prints

I love a good mixing of prints when it comes to clothes and accessories! Spring weather is finally here in NY even though some days it feels like summer sometimes and I love wearing floral printed play suits. This one I bought a couple years ago at Charlotte Russe it was on sale so I figured why not, even though I typically dont buy from them because their quality of clothing isn’t the greatest, most of it tends to tear easy.

Play suits are such an easy outfit because then all you need are accessories, shoes, bag, jewelry and hair. I usually never wear this headwrap/headband because I dont think I can pull them off well, but decided to go for it, loved the way the stripes played off with the floral print. I bought it from Forever21 last year I believe. When you mix prints I think the only thing to look out for is not pairing stripes with stripes unless the stripes are two different sizes, other than geometric reasons to make it eye pleasing there isnt really any wrong you could do when mixing prints, its fun, it shows off your creativeness and even more so when it is a blouse and trousers that have mixed prints.

I am in a love hate relationship with my hair at the moment, this loreal colorista doesnt seem to want to wash out ever….great dye but I personally am getting bored of it and it just somehow matches everything I wear even my hair tie!

The weather has been so lovely and unfortunately I have been ill with a cold which has kept me indoors this past week. I know it has been a while since my last post, I lost creativity for my outfits, then my phone broke and I couldnt take any pictures and then I have been going through some personal things and finals are in the works for this semester so it is a lot going on all at once.

Enjoy all the lovely weather as much as you can!! Get outside and take lots and lots of photos!!!


she only wears boots

aka shoshanna elizabeth


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