Spring Fever

Floral print, what better way to make you want spring?! I found this top at Marshall’s when I was thrifting and it almost feels like fate. I was just about to give up that I didnt find anything worth my while when I picked this out,  the print to call my name I just reached, grabbed and feel in love with the style. The bounciness, the deep neckline cut, the slight poof sleeves that are tightened at the wrists, even the cuts in the design that go down the shirt and around the elbows, it was perfect! I am always drawn to these types of 60’s inspiration tops! I didnt know what to pair it with so I just went jean mode, added a cutesy dreamcatcher choker I made a couple years ago and viola!!

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
Processed with VSCO with g3 preset


I think that my new hair cut just adds to the effect and I became obsessed with how it looks with this blouse! Unfortunately I couldnt get away with no bra, the see through bits exposed my nipples, so I am wearing a black bralette from AdoreMe(favorite place for undergarments!)

I treated myself to some flowers because I felt like I deserved them and was having a stupid morning that was making me a but frustrated, not mention that I just really want that warm weather back, NY teased us with a couple warm Spring spells and its back to winter again=(

I put all the flowers into mini bouquets when I got home and filled up most of the empty wine and liquor bottles I had saved for this purpose alone! My favorite look though is the purple carnations (I think theyre carnations) in a bottle of Jack Daniels!

To promote self love and warm weather go by yourself some lovely flowers you all deserve them!!


she only wears boots


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