Hippie Yogi Angel

I dont know why I deemed this look a hippie yogi angel, kind of just came to me haha! I recently just bought this tie dyed shirt from Marshall’s and was in love with the stretchy comfortable feel this fabric has and it made me feel like this shirt was intended for yogis or artists, which I am partially both. Mostly an artist, but I do love practicing yoga in the mornings when I can!

I am wearing an exercise crop top underneath from H&M that over the years I have been styling different all the time and am still hunting for similar tops since H&M no longer sell them to my knowledge. I am wearing my blue/grey leggings from H&M as well.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I have my hair up in two knots, space buns, fun buns, whatever you want to call them, I call them knots. Funnily enough each one is a different color with the way this indigo is washing out of my hair! Most of it is blue the underneath is purple! I am wearing my neon multi color choker from Claire’s that I got about 3 years ago, I am trying to get back into wearing my jewelry as long as it is something my son isn’t going to pull off my neck!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

For makeup I have on Revelon colorstay cover up and foundation both in light, the green sparkly Colourpop eyeshadow that I have now none left off since it is kind of old and yesterday it all fell on to the floor 😦 ughh! Mixed with it is a matte pink/mauve color from the Maybelline nude pallet.  

It was such a cozy outfit too wear and I am definitely going to wear it again and try to restyle this shirt as well and most likely change the makeup look too, it all felt a bit bright and super colorful which hasnt been my taste since before I was a teenager!

peace and love




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