Seashell Ring

I have been taking a certificate course in fashion through Teen vogue and Parson’s art school, online and it is honestly such a great way to rebirth inspiration and your creativity if being in the fashion industry is something you want to do. (you can sign up whenever and work at your own pace as long as you finish each course by the end of a year’s time)

My recent assignment was designing an accessory and making it out of something unconventional. I designed this seashell ring that I drew inspiration from this almost heart shaped fossil of shells that my husband had given me over the past summer( due tot he almost heart shape:). I decided to use on my husband’s washers, which is used in hardware industries to help distribute the load of a threaded fastener. I felt like that was appropriate since a lot of the collection that I am currently designing has tons of inspiration drawn from objects that represent our love for each other and things we gave each other through out our relationship, such as the fossil, a bottle of wine we shared on our wedding night and more.


This is just a prototype and I am working on perfecting it before gaining  more supplies, and before I decide to officially add it to my product list and sell in my etsy shop (which is coming soon! There will be a whole other post on that to come).

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated whether it is constructive criticism, simply that you would buy it or not, I want to get an idea if this is an idea worth following through for.



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