Loreal Colorista Indigo

I have always loved dying my hair, usually I stuck to bleach blonde as that is what I feel like my natural hair color should be, instead I was blessed with dark blonde/ light brown hair. yay. Since I just stripped the hot pink from my hair and was left with the bleach blonde and super long dark roots look again I felt it was time for another change, but since I am also working on growing my hair out so I wanted something that would wash out after a couple weeks to a months time. This brand is starting to get a lot of buzz and I wanted to check it out. I only bought one bottle, usually I need two for how much hair I have, so what I planned on doing was make it darker on the bottom layers and slowly as I make my way to the top layers use less, and make the very top layer streaky so you would still see some blonde and leave my bangs very dark as well. It looked like it worked while it was setting in my hair, but when I rinsed it out after about 20 minutes, I always leave color in longer than it says on the box because then it stays in your hair a bit longer. Once it was rinsed out and dried I saw that my streaks were gone and it had all been dyed, which is fine I still really enjoy how it turned out. Some parts were actually a bit silver and blue, the pieces that I had initially left blonde. I found this funny because that is how I wanted my hair to be for a really long time I just never got around to doing it for some reason. It stayed really dark and indigo color until after my first wash, it is more light purple now and has blue streaks in it. It does wash out so that is to be expected, I am sure that after more washes it is going to be lilac and white and eventually all disappear.

These are before the first wash, I curled my hair and it was day 2 of my hair like this.

after the first wash, day 5.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

day 6


Processed with VSCO

day 7

day 8, after 2nd wash.

I absolutely love the way this brand works, they have specific colors for your hair color, teal, red and a burgundy color for brown hair, indigo, blue, pink for blonde and there is also a peach but I am not sure for what hair color that is intended. I was almost tempted to buy the teal but since it would be going over my blonde hair I felt that it would saturate it too much to the point where it would become more permanent than a couple washes.

I give loreal colorista a 10 out of 10 for doing what it says, next time I will have to buy 2 boxes and try out another color!!

*I bought this of my own will, this review isnt sponsored by any means, I just wanted to share my thoughts.  If you are looking for something more permanent then I suggest Punky color, that is what I used for my flamingo pink hair and I only dyed it once and it lasted for 6 months, of course it got lighter as time went on but it was super subtle and honestly you couldnt really tell. Also I showered more than twice this week just didnt wash my hair.



4 thoughts on “Loreal Colorista Indigo

    1. It is so easy and since it washes out you can do it constantly without damaging your hair as much as you would if you did bleach and permanent dye over and over.
      I also love changing my hair a lot so this is a plus!


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