The Classic

White top and Jeans how much more classic could you get right?!

Today was a complete mom day, I took my son to the park and we were outside the majority of the day since it is finally getting more like spring and the snow is melting away and he is such a nature boy. I wore my high rise “mom jeans” with a white sheer long sleeved shirt that has a criss crossed back, both from H&M and my green hiking style boots from Target. I accessorized with a little black belt and an I believe alien necklace I got from an etsy shop.

You can see my almost one year old in between my legs looking at me like “wtf mom” I had to keep him somewhere in my sights for this and it was right behind me, so sorry if it ruined the shots, I think it showcases being a mom personally.


My makeup look is Revlon colorstay coverup and foundation, I use the color light and fair, Maybelline nude eye pallet and green eyeshadow from colourpop, I honestly dont remember what the colors are called. I also use the Maybelline nude pallet as highlighter and to fill in my eyebrows. On my lips the light purple is a lilac from KatVonD and teh darker is a combo of Revelon Berry and Colourpop Feminist (how fitting!).


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