Brand New Inspired

This morning I decided to take it old school and listen to Brand New an the likes of early 2000’s rock. Currently still snowed in, since around Saturday night, the joys of living in NY.

I am wearing a lace body con dress from H&M which was actually a birthday present from my bestie this past January and I kind of just wanted an excuse to wear it! Over top to dress it down and keep me warm I am wearing an orange fuzzy, eyelash sweater from H&M that I had gotten maybe 3 years ago. A funny back story to this sweater, I wore it the first time I went to my now husband’s house, two years ago on Valentine’s day, which is tomorrow! I can never part with it now haha.  It always either reminds me of that day and how I got too hot and had to borrow a shirt from him, which was a Stones shirt that I actually owned myself! I also got snowed in and had to spend the night, convenient and totally planned on his part hahaha!!!

I am also wearing these great wool thick socks since I am going without stockings and black wedges from Charlotte Russe that are also about three years old. I havent worn them much but they always remind me of bows for some reason.

Now go listen to The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows -Brand New, which is the exact song I listened to when doing my makeup, they remind me of the color orange which is why I picked this sweater and maybe because of what happened 2 years ago?! Brand New is a band me and my husband had bonded over!


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