70’s Inspo and Fishnets

Fishnets are making a comeback! Did they even ever go away?

I am wearing my dress with 70’s inspired  fabric from H&M that my husband just politely told me it looks like a curtain and called me grandma, but for those that know me, I am basically a grandma so I dont care!!! I wore my fishnets that I got from Shein and these black ankle boots from JustFAB that are super comfy and totally different from the majority of my combat inspired boots.

My hair looks like crap but that is okay I dont have time for everything, I pulled my hair back in a tiny braid and let the small bits hang loosely and the wind decided to blow them all over in these pictures.

Not shown are the Christmas socks that I am wearing over my fishnets that I got from the dollar section at Target.

Also getting pictures, specifically outside is a task because I have to do them all by myself, with a timer on my phone, so it is hit or miss. I kind of like how they turned out though, remind me of runaway or wild child inspired photoshoot. Is it okay of me to say that?


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