Vintage and Lingerie

I found this shirt at a local antique shop in my village and HAD to have it, like it was eating away at me that I didn’t initially buy it because I didn’t have any money on me, I waited and waited and then MADE my husband take me back and buy it for me. The different fabrics on each part of this button down, that feels 60’s inspired but is actually from then, it spoke to me, screamed to me actually and I needed it in my wardrobe. This isn’t something that occurs regularly, in fact I don’t think I ever felt this way about a shirt. So then I had it, it costed a mere $27.00 and it was mine, just sitting in my closet for over a month now, because though I wanted it, nay needed it I wasn’t sure exactly how to style it. I don’t usually wear button downs and if I do they fit loosely, which this is pretty form fitted. Then I woke up and just knew this is what I was going to wear and I love this outfit now!! Probably an all time favorite, that I will have to wear it several times again and document each time I wear it.

I paired it with a black lingerie tank that is trimmed in pink lace, I had got as a sleepwear set from Adoreme, funnily enough the bottoms that came with it I had to get rid of because they were too big.Iv’e also never worn this top to sleep in, only ever out as a cute top. One of the best styling tips or things you can do, is wear lingerie out as everyday wear, unless it is unbelievably sexual and see-through, but as far as tops like this and slips go, it is a huge must if you are comfortable. Some people aren’t, not their style, which is okay.

I wore my high waisted jeans that have kind of turned into my mom jeans since they are no longer form fitting to my ass, as they were when I had a few more pounds on me after I had my son. I got these pants from H&M for about $10. Holding them up is a tiny black belt that came off of a dress I believe from a while ago, no longer have the dress, kept the belt the end.

I accessorized with this pink velvet choker that I got from JustFAb, which it seems that chokers are the only form of necklace I can get away with wearing where my son doesn’t try and rip it off and I am ok with that!

Completed the look with unwashed hair pulled back into a weird bun and my green boots from Target:)

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