Outfit of the Week!

Outfit of the week….should this be a thing? Im making it a thing.                                                       This past Monday I had my son’s 10 month dr app to go to in the morning. Usually we are late and it takes us forever to get ready, I think I leave with enough time but then I hit traffic. So I was determined to get there on time. We left an extra 20 minutes early and, guess what no traffic!

Getting side tracked…anyways basically in order to make sure I would get to his app on time I throw this outfit on, didn’t think about it no planning, just got dressed. I think I do best with my outfits when this is the case, no analyzing how comfortable I would be or if I would be confident enough…not in this outfit’s case because you can’t go wrong with jeans and a baggy tshirt when you’re rushed. This outfit is the epitome of my style, comfort, graphic tee and pants that aren’t necessarily bored and typical. I mean splatter paint jeggings!

I ended up loving the whole outfit in the end and felt like taking several pictures and had some fun, even my son got in on one (featured)!

Pants are jeggings from Zara, shirt is Spirited Away from hot topic and my red coat/jacket was given to me so no idea where it is from and the crop top is from H&M and it is actually supposed to be a yoga top!

I wore my green boots..which if you follow me on Instagram you will know which ones I mean.


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