Not Just Clothes

Fashion isn’t just clothes, it isn’t the latest trend, what is on the runway or street style or personal style, it is everything. Your hair, your jewelry, what you adornment yourself with, your politics, your beliefs, religion, hobbies, likes and even dislikes. Fashion isn’t buying whatever is trendy and wearing it, because anyone can do that and everyone basically ends up buying what is trendy anyway. Trendy is basically the term for, too popular and it is boring. When it comes to fashion it is about self expression, how you style, what your personality is and how you can show that through clothes.

In one of my recent assignments for my History of Fashion course, we were asked to write why we dress, how we dress, if it is for comfort, expression, protection etc. and whether or not we thought if we were fashionable and what exactly does that mean. Much of my life is around my son at the moment so I don’t always even get dressed anymore, I just don’t have the time in the mornings to myself where I can listen to music and go through all my clothes picking out the perfect outfit for the day that bests expresses me and my mood in that moment. I mean I am lucky enough to get my makeup done, which is only by allowing my baby to sit on the floor with me and take everything out of my makeup bag and me constantly telling him we don’t eat makeup brushes. One day I’d like it if he handed me what I needed next as I did my makeup lol. He already knows how to use a blending sponge which made me very proud this morning!

I think also when it comes to fashion, it could be just as easily about your mood which I guess technically falls under the self expression label. I always listen to music as I get ready for the day, which in turn effects my mood. So sometimes I would be feeling a bit gloomy from blasting Nirvana and dress more grungy, or I would be listening to Marina and the Diamonds and dress a bit feminine.  Same effect goes for how I styled my hair and did my makeup, listening to The Pretty Reckless, heavy eyeliner, Zella Day, just mascara.

So why do you wear clothes? Comfort? Self expression? I hope whatever the reason you are doing it for your reasons and not someone else’s and that you stay true to you….after all being yourself is the new black!!



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