Closet Must Haves

            My closet must haves are the articles of clothing that I just always manage to have or make sure I keep it in my wardrobe, as the seasons change and as I donate old clothes and buy new ones. I think a huge, very popular must have is a flannel and specifically a red and black checkered flannel. Birthed from the grungy, Seattle, Cobain scene. Everyone styles it differently but for me, I just like to wear it over crop tops as a light jacket, and for a while I was layering it under my leather jacket for extra warmth. I don’t do too much of the ‘tie it around the waist’ look, mainly because it feels uncomfortable for me. Nothing to crazy here, just wearing it normally and sometimes on really lazy days I actually button it up and wear it like just a shirt! *gasp* I only own one flannel, this red and black one that I actually had bought for my brother several years ago and then he out grew it and I took it back because, hey why not and its cozy and not made from that weird fuzzy flannel material and is loose fitting and not all tight and restricting like woman flannels. I don’t think I have ever even bought a woman flannel, they were given to me and let’s just say those didn’t see the light of day much. If you can ever buy a guy’s version that fits you, of anything, do it, for some reason men’s articles of clothes breathe better. Another great must have, that is a recent one for me are overalls. I had previously owned a pair of grey jean overalls that I wore after I had my baby, and I loved them! They were comfortable, cute, and made my ass look great! After losing my baby weight I realized I now needed a new pair, so I got light jean color overalls and they are still fabulous! One of the main reasons overalls made it to my must have list is because I don’t actually own any pair of jeans that fit me properly and basically live in leggings, so when I want to wear pants I wear my overalls. I like to wear crop tops underneath or cute lace bra and put a sweater or button down blouse over top so it isn’t the same all the time. The overalls I bought are from H&M, one of my favorite stores.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Graphic and band tees are also a big must have, staple in my wardrobe. My go to comfort, every day look has always been a t-shirt and pants, it used to be high waisted jeans. There are so much more you can do with a band t-shirt to make it feminine and fresh, or a little less tomboy. A favorite is wearing this Gothic barbie shirt I got from ROMWE with my leather skirt. Again look in the men’s department because they always have the better, more unique prints on their t-shirts not to mention actually good band t-shirts, the woman’s are also more female artists and not actual rock bands. Also if you don’t actual listen to the band you are wearing please don’t buy it or wear it, its kind of obnoxious, but that is just a personal opinion. For the colder weather my must haves are these fabulous fuzzy sweaters or eyelash sweaters. I own one in practically every color and it annoys my husband how many I have bought in the past year. They’re just so damn comfy though!!!!

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Slip dresses have become increasingly popular again and I’m  actually really thrilled about this trend because I absolutely love wearing them, specifically this pink velvet slip dress. It is so easy to make it more dressed down than a night out outfit, especially since I don’t get to see that many nights out at a bar with a baby. Sometimes I wear my sole pair of leggings with a sweater over the dress.  Another great must have are mini skirts, and this skirt I love to wear with again, my leggings underneath. It makes it warmer than stockings and more comfortable. I also don’t have a pair of solid tights, they’re all lace, all 5 pairs. I should buy some but I also like being the person that just doesn’t own a solid color, so that’s why I got creative and wore my leggings.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Faux fur and leopard print coats are really a must have but if you own several coats, like myself, I’d say you should add them to your collection. I used to really hate the whole faux fur look, until I found one that I actually really liked and could see myself wearing, this grey one from H&M. Now I just want all the faux fur coats! The leopard print coat is from Target and also makes any outfit really stand out, same with the faux fur. Coats are what completes your look and if you’re not planning on taking it off and it isn’t a quick midnight run to the grocery store, get yourself a great statement coat please!! I love how fabulous and rocker my leopards coat goes with a leather skirt, band t-shirt or a crop top and high waisted jeans.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I’d love to know what some of your must haves are and how you style them!!


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