Mom Style

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


I can’t really talk for every mom, I am not every mom nor have I been moming for more than a year. However, you do notice the other moms attire around you and can make several assumptions. Mom style consists of comfort, stripes, baggy tops, leggings, sweatpants, mom jeans and not the mom jeans that fit nice and loose on non-moms, but saggy in the ass, stretched out, not quit fitting mom jeans, and ballet flats. Along with no make up or barely any, and messy hair pulled back, not to mention designer under eye bags. It is a rare occasion to be seen in public without food or other substance on your clothes, without a baby or children following you around and to be seen hair all done, makeup looking fresh and in nice, unstained clothes that are still comfortable but something that is without jeans or ballet flats.

*SIDE NOTE:I am aware that there are a handful of moms that do take time for themselves to look good, which is awesome, and know how to dress and do not fall into this category. They are who all the other moms are jealous of and just don’t understand how they always look good, or how they can even have time alone to do their makeup and hair.

Now my style can partake in this section of mom style, which I call my off days. Those are days I know I will be staying home, days I designate to cleaning, the days where I didn’t get much sleep the night before and am just too tired to bother. On these off days I like to wear my sweatpants that I hate washing because they’re so comfy I want to wear them all the time, leggings, or leggings or sweatpants! SUCH OPTIONS! Then I throw on whatever sweater, or band t shirt I grab from my drawer, no bra, and fuzzy socks! I have to have warm feet in this cold weather.

*SIDE NOTE: Rule of thumb don’t ever be too lazy to not change your underwear, I don’t care what type of mom style you are, please dear god change your underwear at least if you just put back on the same comfy sweatpants that you just slept in!!-which I admit to doing.

2017-01-11 03.56.30 1.jpg

Then I have my good days, the days I will be out in the public and want to be stared at in the grocery store while I buy diapers as the mom that has it together, “She’s dressed nice, her hair looks great and what a cool color pink! She even did her makeup and she’s a mom?! WOW!” I know no one actually will ever think that and it isn’t like I get ready in the morning with that thought. I just want to dress like me, how I dressed before being a mom without any shame, without feeling like I need to change my style, without judgement and without feeling like I lost a part of myself. My style pre-baby was crop tops, skirts or skinny jeans, high rise shorts, leggings and BOOTS! There is no real reason why I shouldn’t dress that way still as long as I am comfortable and confident. So my style may have changed a bit since having a baby, I won’t be wearing as many revealing clothes now as I did, it doesn’t feel comfortable, I don’t want the attention and I am married to the best person.

My mom style is evolving, I don’t want to dress like the standard mom but I also don’t want to feel like a teenage mom, ya feel? There is no reason that once you become a mom that you have to stop dressing the way you like to dress, you don’t need to start wearing only ballet flats, jeans and a striped flouncy¬†top,wear what you want! I feel like a lot of moms just stop caring, stop dressing how they want because when you have kids it’s all about them, but it should be just as much about you too!

Lately my style has been consisting of velvet dresses with a sweater or t-shirt layering either over or under. I’ve also been wearing my overalls a lot, mainly because I don’t like the one pair of jeans I own, so they take its place. I also like to layer sweaters or blouses over top with a lace bra or crop tops underneath. Im also just noticing a color scheme here with the pictures, which was unintentional.

Thank you for reading my first post and I promise the premise of my posts wont be mom related=)

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