Two Toned

I dyed my hair again!! I just couldn’t wait any longer for my hair to grow out and I think I have mentioned it before that I don’t feel like me without colored hair.  I used a jar of silver lining by Lunar Tides for the one half of my head and L’Oreal Feria in smokey blue on the other side (which turned out more periwinkle than what is on the box). I love two toned hair styles, it is such a fun way to have two colors you cannot decide between haha.

I had two toned hair before when I did blonde and black however I didn’t take that many photos of it and I don’t remember how long I even kept it before going completely bleached blonde again. Therefore I am determined to keep this look up and have this be my hair for a while. Six months is usually the longest I go with hair color but let’s see if I can make this last longer!

Coloring your hair opens up such a variety in creative ways. It can inspire you to dress differently, test out new hairstyle that you either forget about doing or never tried before. Being a creative soul, expressing through color and on my body is incredibly freeing. Coco Chanel once said “A women who cuts her hair is about to change her life” which is so true! I definitely chop all my hair off or give myself bangs when I am in need of a change. Now in that era they didn’t go around dying their hair blue, pink or green let alone dying it silver when women and men would gracefully age with their hair, but I do believe the same can be said about dying your hair!

I love reinventing myself and finding inspiration within to get creative. It opens up new ideas for photography, style, makeup, even music at times! There is so much to explore and be artsy with that it is hard to not want to test out the waters of it all!

Now not everyone can get a whole new wardrobe when they dye their hair, I certainly don’t! But maybe there is something hanging in your closet you haven’t worn in a while or ever, well a new hair color may inspire you to wear that item! Even just styling old clothes new ways is worth it! If possible go get yourself maybe one or two items to ADD to what you do have, as a bit of a freshening; not a replacement.

SO, why silver and periwinkle? JUST BECAUSE.

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Do you ever have a specific reason for the color you choose?



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Lagoona Blue

Happy Halloween Ghouls!!


I love monster high dolls and yes I am an adult but they are really the most intricate, detailed dolls. Plus they are all supposed to be the children of some classic monsters. Lagoona Blue is an underwater creature from Australia, she is part nymph and part sea monster. She may not be a mermaid, but she is still a mysterious under water monster, so I immediately loved her. I really wish they had this dolls when I was little and would actually play with them, for now I have three and hope to collect some more and then save them for my future daughter if I ever have one.

It almost seemed like I had to turn myself into Lagoona Blue. I have had this long wig that is very similar to her hair for years now. I would wear it for fun, Halloween, and just around the house, because who doesn’t love wigs and dressing up and changing their hair constantly?!


Becoming Lagoona was super easy and so much fun I kept the makeup look on all day! All you have to do is do your normal foundation, cover up and a bit of highlighter. Fill your brows in with a purple or mauve color. Use a light shimmery pink eye-shadow, then a mauve in the crease, followed by a darker shimmery pink and blend it well together.



Then some eyeliner, but in a thicker line and mascara. Take your eyeliner, I used a marker eyeliner, and just create these freckles. The top row is five the bottom is four, on both cheeks. Then just a hot pink lipstick color and that is your makeup look! Put your wig on and don’t forget your Australian accent and you can walk around as Lagoona!!



It was the most fun I have had dressing up and I love how it turned out!

Tag me in any of your Instagram posts if you’re dressing up as a Monster High Doll, a mermaid or Lagoona herself! (@marsmermaids) I would love to see all your creativity!

Also check out the two other looks I did for the other blog I write for:



have a ghoulish day

-Shoshanna Elizabeth

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Halloween Playlist

I have touched on the importance of music to me several times. How it is a big part of my inspiration, it has gotten me through a lot, given me energy to live, makes me feel good, sad, nostalgic and empowered. Music has such a great connection to my soul. My soul needs music as sustenance. And Halloween is such a great holiday and more importantly a lifetstyle to a lot of people, myself included. It has been a big holiday for me because I never celebrated it in the typical way of getting dressed up and going trick or treating, or watching the typical Halloween films most watched growing up. We had simple traditions of friends over, junk food and watching somewhat scary films, mainly classics such as Alfred Hitchcock’s films. As a teenager my friends and I would dress up, make ourselves a big Halloween themed feast and watch Halloween films. So it still kind of stayed the same, but also evolved in some ways. While we cooked we would,out on Halloween music. We would always out together a playlist of our favorites for Halloween! This is something I haven’t done in such a long time and decided I wanted to do it again this year! Mainly because I got into the Halloween spirit really early this year!


This playlist is perfect for everyone! It has some unconventional songs, rock, soundtracks, theme songs and a couple kid songs too. Its perfect got your Halloween parties, get togethers, dancing, cooking or listening to throughout the day like I do!



I included two different places where you can listen to my playlist, Spotify and my YouTube channel, because some songs were only available on YouTube and vice versa.

So here they are!

If you need anymore inspiration to create your own just Google Halloween playlist images and there’s a bunch! Not to mention thousands already made, like mine on Spotify!


Shoshanna Elizabeth

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Friday 13th Lookbook

This Friday is the 13th! Which only happens so often and is happening in OCTOBER! I think that makes it extra spooky special! So I was thinking of it as a pre Halloween and put together a couple of outfits that funnily enough turned out to be a bit Halloween movie inspired!!

1. Nightmare before Christmas

2017-10-06 08.15.50 1.jpg

I love this dress so much! I got it several years ago from Romwe! I’ve said this in my last blog post, that I have been wearing a lot of clothing I haven’t been confident enough to wear in a long time.

2017-10-06 08.15.48 1.jpg

It has creepy skeleton hands on the front, like they are grabbing your boobs and hands on the back, like they are grabbing your butt! Other than that it’s a simple long sleeved bodycon black dress.

2017-10-06 08.15.40 1.jpg

I decided to wear lace stockings with it and these amazing talk black boots! These boots are so comfy I just never find a good reason or way to wear them. I will probably be rocking this outfit on Friday the 13th!

2017-10-06 08.15.43 1.jpg


2. Beetlejuice

2017-10-08 09.25.04 1.jpg

I actually never have seen all of Beetlejuice before, but my sister mentioned that this outfit reminded her of that film.This striped blouse is perfect for this creepy season. I love the high low cut of it too so from the back it hides my skirt.

2017-10-08 09.25.12 1.jpg

Also how perfect are these little Halloween socks over my fishnets with these shoes?! I love this whole look.

2017-10-08 09.25.03 1.jpg

I also put on dark purple lipstick in the color feminist from Colourpop! Love dark lips for this time of year!

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3.  The Craft

2017-10-08 02.13.51 1.jpg

This look made me feel witchy, not necessarily inspired by the movie “The Craft” any witch movie will do! However it was the essence of a long dress with a 90s vibe.

2017-10-08 12.29.02 1.jpg

I love the forest dark green color of this long dress as well as the two thigh high cuts up the dress. It makes it easier to walk and breath in!

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I wore this velvet choker with it, to add a more witchy 90s vibe to it.

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I also really like the maroon purple eyeshadow under my eyes for definition and a touch of magic.

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These are my three easy Friday the 13th outfits that you can recreate or be inspired by to wear something of the sort this Friday!! I know I will be wearing my Jack Skellington inspired look!

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2017-10-08 09.25.07 1.jpg

2017-10-08 02.13.55 1.jpg

Halloween is such a fun holiday and it makes the month of October feel fresh, creepy and spooky ooky!!

Have a ghastly ghostly day my lovely spirits!!


Gothic Sprite👻

Shoshanna Elizabeth 🔮

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Vintage Barbie OOTD

I haven’t worn this skirt in 2 years! I find it really crazy that this Autumn I get to break out clothes I haven’t worn in a really long time and actually feel confident enough to wear them again!

2017-10-06 10.41.21 1.jpg

This skirt was a a nostalgia purchase for me. I had always loved my barbies clothes growing up and I had a skirt like this for my barbies out of stuff my mom had saved from when she was little. So it was also vintage barbie! I found this skirt on Romwe and had to have it! Plus houndstooth is such a vintage and classy print too!

2017-10-06 10.40.56 1.jpg


The style of this skirt is way more youthful and fuller than that of my barbie’s skirt. It has that school uniform feel to it, which I was super into when I was 19-20. It is actually really comfortable, maybe because I feel confident in it again, but it feels like a giant flower around my my waist and butt!

2017-10-06 10.40.57 1.jpg

To complete this school girl-esque look I wore my oxfords from JustFab. These are a pair of shoes I hardly wear because they make noise when you walk, which I hate sometimes. For this look however, I think it just adds to it!

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To keep the sleek and tight waist look with the skirt I wore my long sleeved grey crop top, this I had gotten a year and a half ago from Forever21. To complete my whole ootd I put my crazy messy hair into two tiny fun buns!


2017-10-06 10.40.58 1.jpg

I felt like I had to add to this photo-shoot, some vintage books! Because hello, vintage Barbie reads! There was actually some thought behind the books I chose. The one labeled “Girls” was my mother’s and it is actual a books called “The Silver Blades” which I read growing up and loved! It was a favorite of mine for a while. I still don’t know why it says ‘girls’ on the binding though.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset


“Dragon Seed” is a vintage find from a library book fair a couple years ago, one that I still have yet found time to read! I just loved the name!

2017-10-06 10.40.59 1.jpg


I hope you guys liked my fun little ootd and shoot. I actually had some fun thinking and planning it all out this morning! Now you know my secret hahaha! I plan a lot of things last minute but still pull it off…I think anyways!


Shoshanna Elizabeth


Festival Weekend

I had wanted to do a little festival weekend ootd looks, but the first day was far too cold to do anything but strap my son to my chest and bounce for the couple hours I was there. And the second day I was trying to be busy but again only stayed for a few hours because then my son got ansy, he had so much energy! So instead I am just going to give a little run down of the weekend!

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Friday night I went out with my brothers and had an absolute blast! I wore one of my outfits from my fall look book with my leather jacket, velvet leggings and burnt red long sleeved shirt.

2017-10-02 10.41.51 1.jpg

We went out to eat late, I had a glorious pumpkin pie martini and a slice of pizza and the whole bread basket!

2017-10-02 10.41.41 1.jpg

It was a cute little place covered with fairy lights! Archer was loving it.


Saturday it was freezing! It was the first day of the Garlic Festival with Little Blueberryy! I tried to bundle us up as much as I could. We tried to stay warm but my hands were numb the whole time! I went first thing in the morning to help with set up and only stayed for about 3 hours.


Brooke had so many lovely pieces done specifically for the festival, like these moon phases wind chimes/wall decor. I love them so much and really want one myself!


She also made these cute little band rings with leaves hand stamped on them, the words “peace” and “Zen” too!

2017-10-01 12.07.45 1.jpg

Sunday was day 2! I wore jeans, a big sweater over a t-shirt and a denim jacket! I didn’t go until the afternoon because I had a busy morning. I also only stayed a couple hours, Archer wanted to run so it wasn’t fair to try and keep him in one spot. I did get a little time to get a feel for it myself. Talking to customers and even just from observing Brooke and then the other vendors how important eye contact and communicating with them is so important!!

2017-09-30 03.11.41 1.jpg

I honestly had a nice time even if I didn’t get to stay that long I’m either days.


I also just want to add in light of the mass shooting in Vegas last night, how it is just terrible that these things keep happening! How bizarre it is to wake up in the morning to such news. The event occurred at a country music festival and all I could think of what if something like that had happened at our own festival? All the lives lost, people that were injured because an older man was allowed to own a gun; yes it is a right, but I also feel that they need to be regulated, that we need to be more careful about whose hands we are putting guns into them. This is a terrorist act. Most terrorist acts happen on our home front by our own citizens.

Prayers for everyone!


Shoshanna Elizabeth

Also be sure to check out all her skincare products are lovely and I will be writing her blog posts for her!!


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Pink Velvet OOTD

Well it’s Autumn, but it is still Summer outside in New York.  So after a shower and finally getting to shaving my legs after several days of not (thank you motherhood) I decided I needed to wear a dress to show off my newly bare legs!! That and its hot as hell outside and I new I would be going out at some point with my son.

2017-09-27 10.51.09 1.jpg

I don’t have many fall type of dresses because I like wearing leggings or jeans with layers and layers of shirts or the occasional mini skirt with tights. I am not lying when I tell you my Autumn dresses that aren’t long sleeved, are all velvet dresses.

2017-09-27 10.51.06 1.jpg

I picked out this pink one, because I was feeling kind of bubbly and positive and it isn’t as shapely as the others.  This dress cuts a little low and at the moment I am hating my armpits so I threw on a t-shirt under it! Burgers and Fries! Makes me hungry for one every time I wear it!

I then threw on my rainbow choker because it matched my mood and I didn’t feel like wearing a thick, black lace choker and I someone managed to lose my favorite crescent moon necklace yet again!! (It may be lost in my car someone, which broke down and is sitting on the side of the road).

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I almost put on my combat boots to make it even more grungy, but my combat boots are falling apart like no other, so I I decided to add to the chic of my dress by wearing these little black booties that I tend to only wear for these OOTD Shoots haha!!

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It’s a super comfortable look and honestly I wore this around the house, I’d wear it out on a date or even class. Wearing dresses like this shouldn’t just be something you wear out, make it an every day look!!


Shoshanna Elizabeth