For some reason I just wear boots, different variations of what you would call boots, sometimes they are just loafers or clogs, even in the summer I still wear my boots. Why? Well simple…I hate feet and in turn don’t like my own feet, not that they are grotesque and dirty, they’re quite clean, small and narrow, I just don’t like them and wish to not bestow them upon anyone else I come across who may also not like feet. That being said, I do play feeties with my husband even though the idea of it when we were dating repulsed me.
Oh and I love clothes, welcome to my fashion-ish blog!

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I have always breathed clothes and fed off of boots, I love shopping, looking at/cutting out images from magazines and started designing clothes at the young age of 9/10, then stopped and started again over the years. That being said, I never had the wardrobe I wanted and never styled myself to the best of my ability at such a young age, I was a tomboy. I wore tshirts and pants, whatever shoes I owned, my hair slicked back into a poofy ponytail, because no one told me with curly hair I probably shouldn’t brush it out everyday thus making it the size of a state on the back of my head. Then I quickly let my dream of becoming a designer die away, specifically¬†when my Aunt bullied me and told me I didn’t know what I was doing and that I had to go to school first or I wouldn’t make it. Fast forward to my 2 years I took off from school after graduating high school, 2013. I did nothing. Absolutely nothing, but lay around on my friends floor depressed. We thought of different ways we could get into the fashion world but never pursued it. I still wanted it but at the same time, did I know what I was doing? No, but I knew I wasn’t incapable if I did it my way and not some other person’s way. Fast forward again, 2015, I met THE GUY, my husband and he encouraged me to go back to school. I am in the process of working towards my Associates in Entrepreneurship, we had a baby and got married all in that short time. So here I am again, thinking back, trying to come up with something to do while I am a mom, to feed my boredom and I am back at fashion, designing, clothes, mood boards, etc. I am even taking the Certificate course that Teen Vogue and Parson’s paired up to provide online, which is helping feed my creative soul. So I may be a mom and am still not wearing what I always want, a lot of times when I am home I am just sitting in sweats, a cozy shirt and fuzzy socks, I may still not have the wardrobe I want, but I am working on it and none of that means I cannot begin chasing my dream job. My baby boy is almost one and I am only able to write this while he is taking the sole nap of the day…god I could be doing a million other things right now BUT I NEED THIS!!

So thank you for taking at peek at my blog,

With so much thankfulness and love,

She Only Wears Boots xoxo

-Shoshanna N.


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